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Thread: Did wbb1 and 2, time to move onto wbb 3?

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    Did wbb1 and 2, time to move onto wbb 3?

    I used the first wbb routine for a about 5 months and then switched to wbb2 once I started to stall. Now that I am stalling with wbb2 (been on it for about 4 months), and I wonder if I should move onto wbb3. Any other routines for my current situation (elaborated on below) would be extremely welcome.

    Most likely I have spent too much time on each routine, but I followed the advice to stick with it till it didn't work anymore.

    Currently, I am looking to increase my mass. My body fat is ok (around 10-12%), weighing in at 173lbs @ 6'2". Also, my nutrition is well balanced.
    I've tried mixing up wbb2 on my own by going into different rep ranges...incorporating the rep scheme found in wbb3, and using different lifts at times, but I feel like I'm doing a bastard job of it, and prolly just butchering the routiene.

    Thanks for your time and input!

    Edited: My school schedule is setup so that I can hit the gym on T-Th-F-Sat-Sun, so maybe experimenting with a 4 day split could be in order?
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