Well, I hate being a newbie pest, but I'm afraid I have a few more questions...

1. I recently borrowed a book from the library so I can see how proper form of excerices should be done. My first question is is there a way to tell if I misunderstood how to do it and am doing it wrong. I've read multiple times that proper form is more important then loads of weight, so you should make sure your weight isn't screwing up your form. That's why I want to be careful to do the form right.

2. I have a relatively high metabolism, and usually do a lot of cardio activity. Do I need to cut down on my cardio to gain muscle mass?

3. I've recently heard the term "train intensly". My question is, what does it mean? Does it Mean to train to muscular failure? Or something else?

4. Last question...if I'm training with 3 sets of 6 reps, and I perform the first two sets, then the 3rd I only pull off 3 reps, should I keep training until I can get to the 6 reps on the third set, or lower the weight.

Thanks! I'll try not to be so much of a newbie from now on hehe.