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Thread: Fear of needles STD check needed :(

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    Fear of needles STD check needed :(


    I had a very bad experience with a needle (used for a blood test) when I was four years old, and haven't had one since (with the exception of one used to freeze my toe for a minor operation) I have avoided all shots etc (and always remained very healthy )

    I want to get a SDT check (for precaution not bnecause I think i have something)

    How bad is the needle? Also I don't have a doctor so that has been delaying as well! I have resontly broken a few fingers, toes, chrashed a motorcycle and cut the **** out of my knees and oh yes split my head in two with a rock. But I fear a blood test far more then any of those, is it all in my head?


    Please help so I feel more comfortable in sexual relations (I "almost" always use protection but I have slipped up a few times)
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    i am guessing you don't use is pyscholgical...seriously relax and look the other way, imagine 70 hot blondes dancing naked doin belly dances while 30 others jello wrestle. but keep the arm that is getting the shot relaxed and squeeze the hell out of somethin with the other if needed.

    just relax...oh ya and don't get wood while in your dream world
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    Originally posted by AdamGberg
    just relax...oh ya and don't get wood while in your dream world
    umm lol!! Really just look the other way, think of it as a positive expierience not a negetaive one.. You are going in there to do something positive! So you know go along those lines.. Best of luck.. Needle is regular size, if I remember correctly from last time I got tested, maybe you should be worrying more about the guy grabbing your balls and penis afterwards there you dont wanna get wood at all! lol
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    Are you sure?? i did my body check like 2 weeks ago and that needle looked HUGE!!!! j/k... well i was pretty nervous about it... but it went ok... just gather the courage... and go do it... the worse you think of it... the less shitty itll feel after its done... for me... its really not that bad at all afterwards... only that they drew so much blood i needed to go home after....

    oh and how does drawing blood affect you work outs for the day and days after?
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