Ok, I'm going to give a rough copy of the diet I want to follow for meals, tell me how it sounds to you guys.

Breakfast: 12 oz milk
12 oz orange juice
4 pieces of french toast
3 eggs
2 english muffins

Lunch: Due to me being in high school, I eat whatever is served. Usually it is a balanced meal with meats, vegetables, a side fruit, and milk.

After school meal: 2 containers of yogurt(8 oz)
12 oz milk
1+ chicken breasts
tuna(possibly if still have room to eat)

Post workout meal: ??? oz pasta
??? oz hamburger
12 oz milk

Before bed meal(snack): 2 containers of yogurt(8 oz)


Ok, I know this is an extremely rough and not very informative for protein/carbs/fats, I will be editing them(this post) as soon as I find what each is and adding totals for each meal. I'm trying to make sample meals/routines, so I know how to eat each day to gain muscle etc... Btw, my goal is to gain muscle mass.

I'm 135 pbs, 6 foot, and very skinny. I just start weightlifting and wanna get maximum efficiency.

If you think I'm lacking something/overdoing amount of something, just tell me and I'll try to edit it.

Thanks again all!