Hello Im in a serious dilemma and its with a girl so if your not interested please feel free to ignore it. Im sure some of you have been in a situation like this before, I would really like your advice.

Its your typical story. There is a girl who I know whom has a kid and a man. I found her very attractive the second I first met her. She is a beautiful person, I dont know too many people who meet her without being attracted to her in some way form or shape. Dont get me wrong she is not a supermodel she is just a stunning person, pretty great personality, etc

Like I stated earlier she has a child and lives with the father they are on the verge of breaking up, she is actually looking to move out now. I partied with her a while ago and had a great time. For about two weeks she was all I could think about, every song I heard, every breath I took, I would feel her. You know what I mean,.

Well I went out with her tonight for a few drinks, and once again we both had a great time. I just dropped her off, and she called its (12:20 AM) to ask if I wanted to do something tomorrow. I do not hang out with this girl, she has never even phoned me. I have only went out with her twice ever, it is basically a date or at least that is the impression I got. I was astonished when she told me it was her, and naturally responded yes.

Now of course there are complications
1: She has a man, I have met him a few times, despite the fact that they are on the verge of splitting I dont thing he would be happy if I started dating her (I know I wouldnt, I am sincere enough that I dont want to hurt him. I am not worried about conflict as much as I am worried about hurting him).

2: She has a child in reality I guess this isnt really a big deal

3: I work with near her (an affiliated company at the same location), its a place I work at once a week for fun and it really doesnt matter. I dont need the job, I have a career but I just hang out there one weekday evening a week.

4: One of her friends has a crush on me big time and could potentially be hurt. I dated her for a while but it was a friendly dating relationship we went to dinner together and movies etc. But not much more.

5: I am seeing a lady now who I am attracted to but dont think I will last with. We are just getting to know each other.actually in relation I am not worried about this girl at all she is dirty anyways.

I guess my question should I stay away from her? I do crave her! But is it worth it. She will be splitting regardless but still. I am going on the date tomorrow, maybe that isnt even what its about (a date), but by the tone in her voice, I think she wants me to take her out. After this date if the opportunity arises do I pursue it? Do I wait tell she gets a new house then pursue it? Do I stay away?

This is very serious, I am in-between a rock and hard place. I dont know how to approach it, I think either way, I will regret it. I would appreciate it if you did not flame or joke, not cause I cant take it but because it ruins the thread. Serious responses seem to dwindle after the first flame or joke. If you really want to flame me start a new post about me, phone me and yell, or email.

Thanks Guys I Appreciate Your Advice.