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Thread: 2 questions i hope someone can read

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    2 questions i hope someone can read

    hi ,

    just 2 questions guys please

    1, ive been going to the gym for about 2 months now,

    it really gets me down sometimes when im at the gym,

    like tonight when i went to my gym, i have 3 guys i talk to there,
    there not very big guys either, i think im bigger than them ?
    but they asked me to join them in some bench presses,

    well they done 10 reps each think it was 95lb ( i know its easy weight for some of u guys)
    well then they asked me to join in but i could only manage 1 rep?
    i felt so discusted that they could do 10 and me only do 1 rep,
    it gets me so frustrated sometimes how smaller people can rep more than me & its also imbarassing too and just gets me angry, and frustrated !!!
    why is this happerning? is it because they have been doing it longer? or there alot stronger than me?
    i do alot of bench pressing & dumbell presses each week?
    just dont understand it?

    2, theres a man that goes to my gym and hes huge, hes built like a freight train, his muscles are MASSIVE,
    well i had a quick chat with him and asked him how long its took him to get his musles that big,
    he said 15 years
    so does it really take this long to get very big ???

    thanx in advance i know thre plenty of experenced guys here to help and advice me

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    1. Genetics sometimes, muscle density

    i do alot of bench pressing & dumbell presses each week
    You may be overtraining. Just keep training, you'll get there.

    2. Muscle doesn't come overnight. It takes time no matter how much you lift, genetics or anything else. You gotta be patient.
    What is elite?
    "Those who work the hardest often complain the least." -anonymous
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    It just takes time, man. Don't gauge yourself according to others, just make sure you're progressing. If you worry about your strength vs. others', you're in the wrong mindset and are setting yourself up for disappointment.

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    1. On my second month of working out, my bench was exactly the same as what you just said. 95 for 1 or so, and wavering to do it. Year and a half later, I've got more then that on each side. So yes, time is kind of important. Focus on doing more weight then you did last week, not more weight then the person beside you. I'm happy with what I can lift now, happy with every bit of progression I get. If someone sat down after me and used my weight for a warmup would it make my accomplishment any less? No. It makes what I have done no more or no less then what it was before.

    And you might want to post your routine on here. If you do bench press/db press a lot, it might be you are doing them a little too much.

    2. It takes time. Not neccessarily 15 years, but definitely time. And don't think for a minute that he spent 14 years and 364 days small, then on his 15 lifting anniversity he woke up huge. Keep at it and results will show.

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    if you must gauge yourself based on other people in the gym, focus on a curl jockey or one of those dudes who are shaped like light bulbs. It will make you happy that you know more then them, and that you will look better then them in the future

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    ok on my bicep chest tricep day on wedsday of each week here what i do,

    3 x 10 reps of Barbell Bench Press (60lb)

    1x 10 reps incline Barbell Bench Press (60lb)

    2x 15 reps Cable Bent-over Triceps Extension

    2 x 10 Dumbbell Curls (30lb)

    1 x 10 Barbell Preacher Curl

    1 x 10 Dumbbell Front Raises (20lb) each side

    1 x 10 Dumbbell Concentration Curls (30 lb)

    1 x 10 Dumbbell Arnold Presses (20lb) each side

    1 x 15 Cable Close Grip Pulldowns

    1 x 15 Cable Front Pulldowns

    1 x 10 Lever Pec Deck Flys (25lb)

    1 x 10 Lever Preacher Curls

    i uselly change order on each of the above excersizes im doing each week,
    so none of them are in nessasery order
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    I agree with what the other guys are saying. I used to get down a lot when I first started out a year ago because genetically I am kind of heavy set of build and guys smaller than me were lifting heaps more than me, (they still do but Im catching up, lol)but the form these guys had was terrible and ive seen a few incidents where it nearly ended up in tears for them (deadlifts, bench press) At one stage I used to try and compare what they were lifting and trying to match them which was a stupid thing to do beause no one really offered me any kind of advice until I found this website which has really helped me out. Since then I dont take much notice of any others I see, I try and always lift heavier next time around, but not at the expense of good form, or overtraining.

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    do more weight less reps.

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    Just on a side not muscle in general creates the same force per unit mass in all people (varies a little but very little) So a pound of muscle will create the same (+- a few percentage points at best) force as another persons. The difference genetics makes is mainly where your tendon's connect to your skeletal frame. That makes a huge difference...


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