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Thread: 500 here I come... ;)

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    500 here I come... ;)

    I haven't done conventional deadlifts more than a few times this summer but yesterday I wanted to know what working on my weak link (squats) had done for my conventional deadlift.

    Basic workout schedule has been upper-off-lower-off.

    Basically my leg workouts for the last couple of months has been a simple 2 month squat peaking program. =>Couple of sets of below parallel squats (began at Aug 14th - 70% 2x10, ended Oct 14th 110% 1x1) followed by couple of sets of heavy sldl's/rdl's in the 3-6 rep range. In addition I have done 1-2 sets of legpresses (down to 90 degrees making sure lower back didn't round) and calf presses. Progression went as planned without hiccups to a 160kg squat rep. After peaking program I've now done only squats on leg day for a couple of weeks. Alternating heavy/light. No other leg work at all. All leg workouts have been submaximal as before and focusing on form. No belt or other equipment used at any time.

    I knew that my previous PR 200kg should be easy to beat as the last time I tried 200kg it went up without too much strain

    Anyway yesterday I managed to pull first 210 and then 220 kg (484lbs) and this was after doing a front squat speed workout. I didn't use any belt or straps. Pull was smooth and felt great, lockout was easy so I enjoyed myself a while in lockout position.

    I was tempted to add 7.5 kg to break the magical american round 500lbs number but decided to save it for a later time. Probably a session focusing on the attempt only.

    I'm sure that my goal 500lbs DL before the end of this year will happen thanks to squats and sldl's/rdl's. My squat is still pretty low but it's good to know that improving it will help my other lifts in a big way.
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    good stuff
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    That's quite a lift.

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    Good job. Just one piece of advice. It's easy to get fixated on a number goal in poundage, but better to just keep progressing along. I know it's easy to think as you did, to add those few more pounds on because it would be cool to hit some nice big round number. Unfortunately, when we are reaching for these goals without the proper preparation is when we get hurt the just take care...and don't reach for something until you are ready to do so.
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    Good advice ElPietro.

    In fact my worst mental barrier was 200kg earlier this year and after getting that up and being able to focus more on my weaknesses my progress in the deadlift has been even better.

    I won't push it but I'm just human so I might be tempted to try for that next big number before the end of this year.


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