Ah, after the summer I've been the laziest ****. I do no sport and don't work out at all. I know I want to but it seems like so much extraneous work other than working out (namely the cooking and diet) that's disheartening me.

Well, there is another reason...I have a bench in my room but I don't have sufficient room to work out and even if I did, I think I might've outgrown my bench so I need a membership and I'd ask my Dad for some cash for it but I was signed up a couple times a couple years ago and really didn't do much with it so I doubt he'd want to invest in it AGAIN (especially after those college books). So, I need a job which I don't have to pay for a membership.

I guess all this comes down to me having a job because I don't want to ask my Dad for money anymore, especially for things that require more cash than like 20 bucks so...does anyone have a job for me so I can pursue my goals? =) Seriously, if anyone in Los Angeles has a job offer, I'll send you my resume.

I need to start working out but I need money first and don't tell me no money is needed because as I mentioned in a thread I made a couple weeks ago, I don't think weightlifting is for those who have no money or not very much money.