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Thread: Training for Muay thai kickboxing need advice on routine

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    Training for Muay thai kickboxing need advice on routine

    Hello guys, i'm new here and i've been lurking for a few days. Someone referred me to this forum to ask some of my questions regarding weight training. Anyways, to cut to the chase right now i'm training for Muay Thai kickboxing. I've done some limited plyometrics and light endurance lifting w/ calisthenics. I'm working on gaining FUNCTIONAL overall strength without losing speed. Right now i'm lifting with the following routine listed below but i'm not sure if it's the best thing to do for my particular goals. I need advice from individuals that know something about sport orientated training. Please note that gaining massive gym bodybuilder bulk is NOT my ultimate goal. It's very important that I gain in strength but it must be VERY functional and not just for looks. This means I have to have lots of flexibility, muscle endurance, etc. while staying within certain weight boundaries. I currently weigh in at 165 or so and I hope to get as buff as possible while staying in the 160-170 weight range.

    In addition to the below workout i'm also running up an incline for 3-6 miles per day/5 days a week(15-30 miles weekly.) The running part I can't cut down on since cardiovascular is very important in kickboxing. As a result I haven't done as many leg exercises in addition to my running because of apprehension of overload stress on the legs. One more thing my shins/ankles are undergoing hellish bag training right now to deaden nerves/toughen them up. This is another reason why i've been avoiding too many leg weight exercises.

    Any useful advice will be welcome. Thanks.

    Anyways here's a sample of my current routine:

    Monday: Chest, Back, & Traps
    Flat dumbell bench press 2 sets 6-8 repetitions
    Incline barbell press 2 sets 6-8 repetitions
    Pushups 4 sets 20 repetitions
    *Back & Traps
    Dumbell shrugs 2 sets 10 repetitions
    Dumbell rows 3 sets 6-8 repetitions
    Deadlifts 2 sets 6-8 repetitions

    Tuesday: Rest day

    Wednesday : Legs
    Squats : 2 x 6-8 reps
    Hack Squats : 2 x 6-8 reps

    Thursday: Shoulders & Triceps
    Narrow grip bench press 2 sets 6-8 repetitions
    Curl bar overhead extensions 2 sets 6-8 repetitions
    Military barbell press- Front 2 sets 6-8 Repetitons
    Side Lateral dumbell raises (standing) - 2 sets 10 repetitions
    Seated Dumbell press- 2 sets 6-8 repetitions
    Seated bentover lateral raise - 1 set 6-8 repetitions

    Friday: Rest day

    Saturday: Biceps, forearms, Abdominal
    Situps 4x30
    Standing dumbell curls 2 sets 6-8 reps
    Curl bar curls 2 sets 6-8 reps
    Barbell wrist curls 2 6-8 repetitions
    Hammer curls 1 6-8 repetitions

    Sunday: Rest day
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    I like muay thai.
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    Muay Thai gets my respect.

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    Please don't call it "Muay Thai Kickboxing." That's like saying you want to go Mountain Biking Biking.

    Thai Boxing or Muay Thai will do

    My advice to you, is for leg day workout after Muay Thai. My legs were never "strained" in a strength capacity while training, and it kept me from overtraining too much.

    My goals were very similar to yours until I injured my lower back. Just eat healthy (and a lot) and you'll be fine. Adjust your calories to gain or lose weight like anyone else. Since a higher level of activity exists for you, your calories may be on the high side. Enjoy your time in training! I trained under some of the best and had some great times. I would give anything to go back.

    On a side note, are you interested in purchasing some Fairtex gear? I have some unused equipment that was purchased as an upgrade and I never got to use. L headgear, M-shinguards, and L-ankle supports.

    good luck.

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    There are many things you can do. There is no perfect way to do things, but you could drop the reps even lower if strength is your focus. Try working in the 3-5 rep range. You said you don't want to add mass but then said you want to get buff. This is a bit of a contradiction. Unless you mean get cut, and if all you want is to lose bodyfat just keep training in thai boxing and the only other factor you will need to worry about is diet.

    Working in the 6-8 rep range will still leave your muscles sore the next couple days which could hinder your training. Lower the reps and up the weight and you will be more strength focused.

    I don't think legs after thai class is optimal. Your quads and calves may feel fresh still, but one key muscle is the hip flexor, and believe me this gets worked quite a bit in class.

    Maybe outline how your class is structured and it would help us better in recommending a routine.

    I've trained at one school for a while in the past and have seen/participated in another one, so I know structure can vary quite a bit.

    Functional strength isn't a big deal. If you are training for function then perform the function. Squats will give you stronger legs, not a better swing kick. Practicing your kicks will do that, the added strength won't hurt though.
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