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Thread: Can I build muscle with low carb diet?

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    Can I build muscle with low carb diet?

    I am approximately 20lbs overweight (flab) and I have been weight training now for six months. I have made some muscle gain, but I have lost little of the flab. So Im thinking of starvingmyself of carbohydrates until the flab has gone, and eating a diet that is high in protein (egg white powder) and then once I am lean. I can go back to eating more carbs.

    This is my new daily diet:

    3 glasses of egg white powder mixed in water.
    5 sandwhiches of brown bread and turkey breast slices.
    3 bowls of All Bran cereal.
    Beans on toast.

    As you see, its very low in Sugar, whilst fairly high in protain.
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