Im 16, and have a herniated disk at L5. I have this injury for like 3 years now, and i stopped lifting for 10 months last year due to back pain, until i was better, and started lifting again for the past 2-3 months. For the last 6 months my back was fine, no pain or anything, I could play sports and stuff and lift weights, and only occasionally would i feel some back pain.

However, today I felt this pain in my lower back that ive never felt before, and im positive its not pain from muscle soreness or a strain, coz it hurt like hell!! and a lot different than pain i used to feel. I felt it for like 2 seconds when i was in a slightly bent position, and it hit me at the left side of my lower back. Later on in the day I felt it in my actual spine, and its being hurting a lot the past hour, i mean i can barely stand up straight without feeling pain.

Im really worried that ive made my slipped disk injury worse, and im not sure what to do. if i go to the doctor, he will probably tell me to stop lifting again, which is the last thing i wanna do.

what i wanted to ask is if i can be sure that its the herniated disk thats causing the pain, and if the pain doesnt go away will i need surgery?

lastly, can any1 suggest what i should actually do about this? should i stop lifting if the pain doesnt go away?
can any1 here who has experienced this injury give me some info on how they dealt with it?

Thnx a lot