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Thread: death to smoochy

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    death to smoochy

    I gotta say, I really enjoyed this movie. I didn't know what to expect, was pleasantly surprised at the way the movie was done, and came away entertained

    Best lines in the movie:

    (Sheldon Mopes, the kiddie-show star is discussing what the Irish mob is going to do to someone that has killed Spinner Dunn, their dopey ex-boxer friend and erstwhile castmember on Sheldon/Smoochy's show)

    (quote not exact because I didn't rewind to memorize)

    Irish mob guy: "We're gonna find him, cut off his balls, and shove them up his ass!"
    Sheldon Mopes: "Can't we just catch him and let the police deal with him?
    Other Irish Mob guy: "No, cops don't do the 'ball thing', [it's] against procedure."

    Damn, I laughed and laughed.

    Close seconds for best quote:

    Sheldon: "I don't like guns. When my friends and I played cowboys and Indians, I was always the Chinese railroad worker. "

    [Tommy Kotter is at the Irish funeral for murdered irish boxer and friend, Spinner Dunn.]
    Tommy: It's a shame this happened. Okay, now let's go pray get sh!tfaced.
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    lol, that was one of my favorite movies evah!


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