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Thread: cultural background, genetics, and body building

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    cultural background, genetics, and body building

    How much of a role would genetics play in bodybuilding? I ask becuz I come from an East Indian background and have yet to see a successful body builder of Indian descent(more on this later). I'm coming back to liftin Iron after off for 3 years. I'm bringing this up becuz I rem I used to use this as an excuse when my gains would reach their limits.

    Any advice would be appreciated...

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    Genetics play quite a big role in body building, of course. How well you can gain muscle, lose fat, or whether you lean more to strength then size is determined by this. Of course, you can play around with different factors in your life (diet, rest, training style) to maximize your potential and work with your own particular genetic weakness/strengths but genetics is definely still a major thing.

    As to your excuse, I've seen quite a few bigger East Indian builders at my gym (then again, my gym also has quite a few small ones as well, but that's beside the point.. then again, that's the same way with any. They come in small, medium, large and extra large). I believe someone on here posted some pictures of a few pros when this question was brought up before.

    That said, don't try to remember excuses. Try to remember what worked for you and get back into it. Try to remember what wasn't working for you, or what held you back, and change that.
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    King Kamli is a pro bodybuilder. Though he is egyptian i think.

    All I can say is that genetics play a huge role into bodybuilding. A long time ago I got a thread shut down because of what I said about genetics in bodybuilding, damn nzai mods *shakes fist* Bottom line is that race plays a huge role in how your body is built. Like it or not.

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    There's not enough genetic differences in any race to exempt the people, in general, from bodybuilding. Generally, bodybuilders come from countries in which bodybuilding is more prevalent as a sport.
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    Re: cultural background, genetics, and body building

    Originally posted by nismodreams
    Any advice would be appreciated...
    Train hard and eat good; don't worry about your genetics.

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    genetics only matter at the top end of things, I think
    good genetics may help you get bigger, faster, and may give you a slightly better overall shape

    but anyone can get big/buff with the right training, diet, etc.

    Just lift, mate. No excuses.

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    There was this indian dude at my old college that was buff as hell.

    and there are a few at the school I go to now that are pretty big

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    well, you can actually go deeper into what Tree Trunks said, men from Nigeria are often more muscular then men from Somalia ect.
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