First time poster here. After reading many of the posts it seems like my current training philosophy is well reflected here (moderately low volume/high intensity). I'm wondering which direction (if at all) most people pyramid in a low volume workout. For example, in a chest workout (incline BB press), obviously a few warm-up sets are a must before the first working set. So let's say my first working set is done at 150lbs for 8 reps (moderately slow controlled reps which focus on working the chest, not moving the weight). If I truly give that set everything, and then take 1.5 - 2min rest, it seems logical to me that my next set should be done with a lower weight, say 130 (if I hope to get at least 6 quality reps done). Many people swear by the opposite direction of progression (higher weight on 2nd working set). What do you think guys? Also, I find with some body parts and some exercises, I do not need any warm-up sets prior to the 2nd (or 3rd, etc.) set of exercises for a body part (eg. incline DB flyes), but am still not sure which direction to go with the weights. I welcome any thoughts on these questions.