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    what would jesus eat, by dr. colbert.

    good book. i just finished reading it and am already incorporating a lot of it in my diet now. the book outlines foods that jesus did eat or may have eaten as well as forbiden foods in the bible. it advocates excercise and avoiding sugars, processed meats and carbohydrates. eating fish, fresh fruits and veggies, whole grain breads, pastas,cereals, brown rice, olive oil, chicken, legumes, letils, beans, nuts, berries, and many other nutrient rich foods. lots of water as well. for anyone who believes in jesus or is looking for a healthier way to eat i would recommend this book. i have combined it with the principles of the body for life eating plan. balance is the key.

    go to or and type in what would jesus eat in the key word search. it's only about 15 bucks but if you get the 2 day air, like me, it's closer to 25. go with the free shipping or the cheapest, lol.
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    I'm waiting for the "What would Jesus Bench?" weightlifting plan

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    So you don't wanna get big, do you?


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    so basically, the book advises a fairly traditional kosher diet?

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