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Thread: My diet needs help i think.....

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    I am 16 years old, 170, 5 "10". Over the summer i want to put on about 10-15 pounds for football. Today i started writing down my lifts and what i eat. I think this needs help but you tell me what you think and please give some suggestions.

    14 oz. 2% milk (14 g. protein, 215 cals.)
    Muffin (6g Pro.)
    Whey Shake w\milk (38 grams Pro. 345 cal)
    Mega Man Multi
    2 Ripped Fuels

    Work Out:
    1hour 30 min.
    20 oz. water
    Bicep and legs day

    Post work out:
    Whey Shake w\milk (38 grams Pro. 345 cal)

    Can tuna fish w\BBQ sauce
    12oz. water
    **need sumthing else**

    Peanuts or Peanutbutter sandwitch

    Steak or Chicken
    **need some ideas**

    Before bed:
    Amino Fuel(15g Pro.)

    I need at least one more thing for each meal
    please help me out cuz i am willing to do what it takes to gain the weight. Thanks...Mike

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    Train legs on their own

    1hr 30 mins is a tad too long for a workout, keep it under an hour
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    The- reason why i do legs and biceps on the same day is because I feel biceps arn't important so i end up doing only 2 bicep work outs. Legs takes me a long time becuase i do so much so i just do biceps the same day because it only takes me like 10-15 min.


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