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    The ensuing conversation took place between one..Spideyongear and Anthony on June 11th between 4:50 and 5:00 pm EST.

    Anthony: (4:51 PM)with millions you could buy an island!
    Spiderman: (4:52 PM) true, and then kick your ass off it!!
    Spiderman: (4:52 PM) hahahahhaa...
    Anthony: (4:52 PM) lol
    Spiderman: (4:52 PM) or, we could build our own bodybuilding Island

    Spiderman: (4:52 PM) healthy restaurants...a few cheating reastaruants

    Anthony: (4:52 PM) lol, only open on cheat days

    Spiderman: (4:52 PM) a few gyms....women....playmates.

    Spiderman: (4:53 PM) yeah. only open then...have Island wide cheat days

    Spiderman: (4:53 PM) we could set up our own Hot Ass Woman Democracy too

    Anthony: (4:53 PM) lol, sounds nice

    Spiderman: (4:53 PM) they'd be the assistants

    Spiderman: (4:54 PM) we'd tell them what to suck....LOL

    Spiderman: (4:54 PM) hmmm.... what else?

    Spiderman: (4:54 PM) we could have a new pro come every week

    Anthony: (4:55 PM) legalize as

    Spiderman: (4:56 PM) YES!!!
    Spiderman: (4:56 PM) we could be like Amsterdam too...have our own little red light district

    Anthony: (4:56 PM) lol

    Spiderman: (4:56 PM) that would be off in the woods though and set outside is so much better looking.

    Spiderman: (4:56 PM)

    Spiderman: (4:57 PM) we could invite Mexican and Greek Pharmacuetical Companies to open up shop on our island

    Anthony: (4:58 PM) lol

    Spiderman: (4:58 PM) hell, we could proposition Upjohn too.

    Spiderman: (4:58 PM) instead of selling designer crafts, we'd sell designer syringes.

    Spiderman: (4:58 PM) LMAO!!

    Anthony: (4:58 PM) lol

    Spiderman: (4:59 PM) man, this is good stuff eh?

    Anthony: (4:59 PM) dreamland

    Spiderman: (4:59 PM) yeah...but it sounds great

    Spiderman: (4:59 PM) we could have weekly seminars on how to cycle

    Spiderman: (4:59 PM) those would be given by the pro's of course.

    Anthony: (4:59 PM) heheeh

    Spiderman: (5:01 PM) what else?

    Anthony: (5:03 PM) hmm, no tax

    Spiderman: (5:03 PM) good idea.

    Spiderman: (5:03 PM) and women...yeah...more women.. NFC! LOL

    Soooo.... you guys got any additions?
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