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Thread: Squats, a hernia?

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    Squats, a hernia?

    This might of been covered in a previous thread, but only slightly, and I don't think it was in the same area.

    So anyway I got my squats up to 225 a little while ago and started feeling this burning sensation in my groin, say 4 inches below my waist, a little to the right, maybe two inches left of my thigh.

    Last workout I did reps of 225 (i've gotten stronger) and I felt nothing. I do squats M,W,F in a HST like program. It felt really good.

    This workout I went up a little and it killed. It felt like someone was sticking something small and hot against the area.. is this the area a hernia can occur in?

    What do you guys think? More warm up, less squats per week, no squats at all, etc. ?

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    Could be a couple of things. If the sensation is felt above the level of the pubic bone, it could be an inguinal hernia or strain of the muscles in that area. If it's below the level of the pubic bone, down in the inner thigh area, it could be a strain or tightness of the adductor muscles. If the hip flexors are tight that could be the problem also. Someone familiar with inguinal hernias could examine you to see if you have a hernia or muscle strain in that area.
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    oh ****..... did it feel like something poking from the inside, like trying to get out?

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    A similar thing happened to me in June. I thought it was a hernia, but it turned out to be a pulled groin muscle. Only rest cured it.
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    Sometimes I even have this pulling sensation around my groin area when I do bodyweight squats. Later I perform more stretching before any exercises, including that groin stretch where your legs are positioned like a triangle. Felt much better after that.
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    I had a hernia years ago...and it looked like someone had stuffed a tennis ball under my skin.The pain? My whole leg was numb with pain to the point I counldn't walk on it and had to kinda drag it like a zombie.

    May wanna ease up on the squats a bit and see if the pain persists.

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