Currently trying to gain lean muscle
Total Calories: 3200, was on 3400 before
Age 19
Height 5"3
Weight: 145lbs, My goal is to get to 12stone, which is 168lbs with about 6 to 8 % bodyfat, but im in no rush to get there. And with Miss A helping me i have already progressed so far in such a short space of time.

I have been lifting since i was 16 but did not realise how important my diet was (i've never liked fast food, but back then i used to eat so much with my mums homemade sauce) and only really did it to keep fit. Not till about June 1999 I started to become more serious and I started counting calories in September 2000. I also used to be 126lbs or 9 stone

Training: Currently on the Wannabebig routine and progressing each and every workout

Today Wednesday 24th Jan
Squats: 181.5lbs(82.5kg) x 6 (My goal for squats is to be able to squat at least 100kg = 220lbs
Stiff Leg dead lifts went up today
Leg press went up today

Sleep: Sleep has been very restless over the last couple of weeks and I have not slept right through the night in a hell of long time, I usually wake up a minimum of three times a night and thats on a good night. So I ordered to ZMA and see if that could help me at all

Diet: I eat 7 times a day
My diet consists of the following things
Egg whites (about 3 yolks a day)
Lean Steak Mince
Venison (love the stuff)
Lean Chicken Mince
Chicken breasts
Turkey Steak
Lean Turkey Mince

Red Kidney Beans
Red lentils
Soya beans
Chick Peas

Wholewheat Pasta
Sweet Potato

Natural Peanut butter, cruncy and smooth
Natural Hazlenut butter
Natural Almond Butter
Natural Cashew butter
Natural Tahini butter (stuff tastes like pure poo)
Flax Oil

Supps: Prolab Isolate whey
1 x Multivitamin per day
2g vitamin c daily, 1 g post workout
10g Prolab Glutamine, 5g Post workout
Eas ZMA HP, only got this through the post today and not going to take 4 capsules prior to workout, just the 4 capsules 30 mins before bedtime. Mainly just taking it for my sleep.

Tomorrow is a grow day, But friday is shoulders, bi's and tri's hoping to increase my military press, barbell curl and my skull crushers (not really a fan of skull crushers)


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