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Thread: What Should I Change? What Should I Keep? My Current Routine...

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    What Should I Change? What Should I Keep? My Current Routine...

    Well after slightly more than a month of training, I have begun to see a great deal of changes in my body - I have lost a little bit of weight but have done more in redistributing the weight I have. I am looking to continue that redistribution and begin to put on some additional mass/size. My current routine (a five day) is most recently as:

    Day 1 - Chest and Calves
    Flat DB BP 10x50, 10x100, 8x100, 6x100
    Incline DB BP 10x80, 10x80, 8x90, 7x90
    Decline DB BP 10x80, 8x80, 8x80, 7x90
    Pec Deck 10x110, 10x110, 5x120. 8x110
    High Cable Crossovers 10x45, 8x50, 7x50, 5x50
    Low Cable Crossovers 10x40, 8x40, 7x40
    Donkey Calves 10x100, 10x360, 10x380, 10x400
    Seated Calf Raises 10x175, 10x185, 10x195, 8x195

    Day 2 - Back
    Wide-grip T-bar Rows 10x45, 10x90, 10x90, 8x100, 7x105
    Rear Cable Pulldowns 10x60, 10x130, 8x130, 5x140
    Seated Cable Rows 10x120, 8x130, 7x140, 6x140
    Front Pulldowns 10x110, 8x120, 7x130, 6x130
    DB One Arm Rows 10x45, 8x50, 8x50, 7x55
    Pullovers (lever) 10x45, 10x115, 8x115, 6x125
    Hyperextensions 10xBW, 10xBW+25, 10x+35, 10x+45

    Day 3 - Thighs
    Smith Squats 10x45, 10x185, 7x225, 7x225, 4x245
    Leg Curls 10x60, 10x120, 10x130, 7x140, 6x140
    Sled Leg Presses 10x180, 10x360, 8x540, 8x540, 8x540
    Lever Leg Extensions 10x80, 10x150, 8x175, 7x200, 8x175
    Lever Hip Adduction 10x60, 10x120, 10x130, 10x130
    Lever Hip Abduction 10x60, 10x120, 8x120, 8x110

    Day 4 - Arms
    Close-grip BB BP 10x45, 10x85, 10x95, 10x105
    BB Curls 10x35, 10x55, 10x55, 8x65
    BB Skulls 10x55, 10x65, 10x75
    Preacher Curls 10x70, 10x80, 10x90, 7x100
    DB Overhead Extensions 10x40, 10x45, 10x50, 9x55
    Hammer Curls 10x20, 10x25, 10x30
    Pressdowns 10x44, 10x55, 10x66
    Concentration Curls 10x20, 10x25, 6x30

    Day 5 - Delts and Traps and Neck
    DB Shoulder Press 10x40, 10x70, 10x80, 8x80
    Front DB Raises 10x15, 10x20, 10x20, 6x25
    Lateral DB Raises 10x30, 8x40, 7x40, 7x40
    Reverse Pec Deck 10x40, 10x80, 10x90, 5x100
    Upright DB Rows 10x50, 10x60, 8x70, 5x80
    DB Shrugs 10x150, 10x160, 10x170, 5x170
    Lever Shrugs 10x90, 10x180, 10x180, 10x200
    Neck Flex/Ext/Lats 10x35, 10x40, 10x45

    Stats: 6'1, 29yo, 195# all DB weights are combined weight given if both arms used at same time.

    Thanks for any advice, criticism, info etc. I wannabebig...

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    I would combine some of those days to form a 3 day split. Stick with mostly compound exercises and only about 2-3 exercises per bodypart.

    ps. why smith squats?
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    WHOAH...ok, first of all, you're begining so almost any routine will work for you...that having been said...

    put chest and tri's, back and bi's, legs together, put shoulders with chest and tri's or legs. Or go chest/arms, legs, back split.

    For chest:
    2-3 exercises maximum of 8 sets total
    1-2 exercises 4 sets max
    1-2 exercises 4 sets ma
    2-3 exercises 6 sets max
    3 or so, for 9 sets max
    3, 4 exercises, 9 sets roughly

    keep reps at the 6-10 range, start with heaviest weight, and work down through sets, or work way up, either way.

    For future clarity, list db weights singularly.. Also, nice to have you aboard. If you wanted, read my article on this site called "evolution in training: first 3 years"

    also check out the wannabebig routines 1 and 2 to start if you'd like

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    Wow that was too much volume for me to even read,

    If your just begining I would suggest you do maybe half the number of sets for each body part, and work in maybe one more body part a day.

    But if you want to train at that intensity go for it, but you might want to take a break on the third or fourth day.


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