The Five Biggest Contradictions in Fitness
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The Five Biggest Contradictions in Fitness

Itís no secret that when people contradict themselves, it has the effect of making the flaws in their actions or statements seem glaringly obvious. But what about when WE ourselves get caught contradicting ourselves by someone else?

By: Nick Tumminello Added: January 6th, 2014
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    Wannabebig Member
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    Sep 2002

    strength and size

    id like to know what routine can i use for building strength and size at the same time please post some thank you

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    Genetic Experiment GeneticallyGifted's Avatar
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    That you can do with any particular workout. Train hard and eat hardy. That is as simple as it gets.

    You have to eat to be big and train hard to be stronger.

    Have you been working out?

    STATS COMING SOON:Age: 29 | Height: 5'10" | Weight: 78KG/ 172LBS| bf: |Years Training:?? | All-natural: Yes|

    Chest: | Shoulders: | Upper Arm: | Forearm: |
    Waist: |Neck:| Upper Thigh: | Calf: |

    Personal Bests: COMING SOON:
    Flat Barbell Presses: | Dips: |Wide-grip Palms Away: |
    Military Barbell Press: |Barbell Squats: |

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    FREAK IN THA' MAKING!!! duque21's Avatar
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    santa rosa, california

    Take a look at this

    I suggest you take alook at whatthis guy has to say. His approach is not revolutionary, but it is solid and a great way to pack on pounds and keep them for a long time.

    Check this out

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    Wannabebig Member
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    Sep 2002
    well actually i havent been really working out ive just been praticing good form know i think im ready to start liftin heavy, but i really need to pack on pounds and get strength at the same time and i heard you can only do one at a time well if that aint true how many reps should i do per set 6-8 intense

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    hmm, I like to be big!!!
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    I dunno who told you that, but you actually get bigger as you get stronger sometimes, they go hand in hand as long as your calorie intake is sufficient. There's a reason big muscles are associated with big power.
    Chris Mason is my master.....

    American cars are like fat people, sure, they have a lot of power, but they're not built well, and they have all that useless weight, plus they make both make funny noises.

    feel free to aim me, nejar462 im on a lot. Don't know much to warn you dudes, but im good at conversations.

    Belial in reference to Ronnie Coleman, "Some people say he still has blood in his steroid stream, but I doubt it. Gas isn't one of the side effects, but that massive bloated overly muscular freak of nature circus sideshow appearance might be what tips most people off."

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    Jean Pierre Fux tallnskinny's Avatar
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    mississauga , ont, canada
    If u want fairly equal gains in strength and mass, then aim for 6-8 reps for all excercises except for legs; for which you should do 10-15 reps.
    3 sets per excercise. This is what has worked for me this past year. good luck

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    Wannabebig Member
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    Sep 2002
    ok well i guess im doin a new routine hows this
    day 1 chest/tris/shoulders
    day 2 legs
    day 3 back/biceps


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