Hello everyone.

Simple question - If I eat PERFECTLY and get the 8 hours sleep every night is it OK for me to train when sore for
a) the same still-sore musclegroup?
b) different musclgroup

After a leg day I am sore for as much as 5 days at a time - the 2nd and 3rd day after the workout I can barely move (I mean it - this is NOT a joke).
Should I train on these days?
Would doing this constititue overtraining.

I am NOT a newbie to lifting - no way - but despite this, my body is not sufficiently conditioned to have shortened the time for soreness to disappear COMPLETELY for as much as 5 days for legs and 3 days for upper body....

Incidentally - for the last 2 years I've been following the Stuart McRobert style of training with excellent results. (low volume/compound lifts/ NEVER training when sore (definitely not the same muscle group anyway.)

Your collective encyclopedic knowledge would be very much valued.