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    What's up guys. Well, my question is how do you know when you're over working out. I had great advice on my back work out, and I've dropped a couple of sets and have seen much improvement and strength and I actually feel stronger too.

    Ultimately, how do you know when you're over working a muscle? For me right now I'm concerned with my biceps. I do about 9 to 10 sets for my biceps. I either do it on my back day or chest day (I know unorthadox, but it's working for me) I usually start out with DB curls, then move to DB Hammers, and then finish off with Straight Bar curls. Some days I'll rotate my routine with preacher bench or isolations curls, but that's about it. No more than 3 excersizes and usually not more than 10 sets. So what's your input on this? How do you know when you're overworking any and all muscles? RECOMMENDATIONS? CRITIQUES?

    Cheers Fellas!!!!


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    the easiest way - when progression stops.

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    Overtraining occurs when performance in training plateaus decreases over time. Overtraining is usually caused by poor programme/routine design, lack o rest, and also not keeping a training log. Individuals should plan training sessions so that the intensity o the workoutd increase gradually over time and make sure you get plenty of rest.

    There are various signs to look out for, Donut

    -Loss of body Weight
    -Decrease in appetite
    -Muscle soreness that fails to go away even after adequate rest
    -Constipation or Diarrhea
    -Decrease in performance
    -More supsettable (not sure about the spelling) to colds , flu's
    -Lack of desire to train

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    Thanks Paul and FAngel. If there's one thing that I've read over and over again is this, lift heavy, eat well, and rest. I have lost weight, 5 solid lbs, but I've actually increased in pushing heavier weights. I think it's the diet I'm experimenting with. Right now, the phase I'm about to enter should make me gain more weight, I'll just have to wait and see if this part works. As for my apetite....I eat well, really well. Gosh darn it, if it's one thing I've suffered before is real lack of food and a genuine feel of starvation. Never will I deprive myself (or friends) of food. There's no reason to. As to muscle soreness, how long of a rest period should I take? I was advised to lift 2 days in a row and break, then 2 days again and break, etc. Of course I'd take Saturday and Sunday off sometimes if it falls right on the routine which it does. However, I just started doing deadlifts and it's been two days since I first did them and my back is still a little sore, but it feels great. Should I wait another couple of days before I do my back day again?

    Constipation........I don't think so.......Diarrhea...had that last semester it was terrible.....good thing it was a week before Finals too!

    My performance has increased.

    no sicknesses.

    IF ANYTHING, I ALWAYS ALWAYS LOOK FORWARD TO THE NEXT DAY OF LIFTING. FREAKOUT!!!! I usually don't feel sore when I leave the gym except for leg day, but I feel tight and nice. At night though, that's when I start to feel sore.

    Thanks again guys.


    All of us here at this websites are the good fellas. Lift heavy, eat lean, sleep like your snoralax .

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    My back is a little sore. It has been for a while. Could that be from overtraining? Or maybe too much weight on Good Mornings?

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