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Thread: children

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    Gattica anyone?
    playin the iron game...

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    I believe in survival of the fittest, personally. Course, with todays society, it's more survival of the weakest. Take bicycle helmets for example. Sorry, but if you land on your head falling off a bike, your genetic code doesn't deserve to be passed along. Block the fall with your arms next time, dumbass.

    And there are a lot of people that are ugly, or have gone through a life of hell that are not deep or anything of the sort. In fact, they are kinda bitter, hateful, and have a warped perception of the world because of the fact that they had to go through all that. Course, there are people that have lived the "perfect, happy life" (in our view) that turn out the same.

    Last of all, this thread was not meant to be taken serious. Stop doing that.

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    i remember al on married with children wanted a wife with an extra hooter on her back for slow dancing. somthing like that...


    original post was good...who wouldnt want to have wings and be able to fly?
    " bones are so brittle, but i always drink plenty of, 'MALK'?!?!" -- bart


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