I was just thinking about vascularity and how it changes from person to person. I myself am higher bodyfat so I'm not vascular at all really, but when I start to lean out I can start to see my veins in my arms for example, although faintly.
Its just my predisposition to carry bodyfat in my upper front arms I guess. Anyway my question is: Is bodyfat level the #1 factor in a person's vascularity? I'm not talking about size of veins, just visibility. Or the bigger the muscle tissue the more it pushes veins to the surface of the skin.
I know a guy at work who is about 130lbs and so low in bodyfat his veins pop out everywhere. Although his nickname is Bones so he's not muscular at all. What are your thoughts on vascularity? Muscle mass? or low, low bodyfat levels more an influence?