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Thread: Meso-Tech (who can afford it?)

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    Meso-Tech (who can afford it?)

    I was checking out MRPs, and Meso-Tech seems to be the best, unfortunately. DPS is charging about 2.00 per packet, whereas the Myoplex ends up being about 1.30 per packet. I mean, are the eight extra grams of protein, and ten grams of additional glutamine worth it? I doubt it.

    The only Muscle-Tech product I'm willing to pay big bucks for is their Nitro-Tech bar or RTD protein drink, because they both taste ******* amazing, with a very good nutrient breakdown.

    How the hell do they get away with their prices? Do people actually buy that **** for that kind of money?

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    no idea but the nitro-tech bars are the best bar and they cost as much as all other bars but the other line of their products is rediculous

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    who can afford it? who needs it.
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    yeh meso-tech bars taste the best, but there is soy protein in them and I hate muscletech, so I just get the ass tasting Met Rx bars....


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