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Thread: straight vs. angled smith machine - pros & cons

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    straight vs. angled smith machine - pros & cons

    Please - no smith machines are evil posts here! Thanks

    This is not intended by me to be another smith machines versus freeweight thread. There are other threads for that to add to, please go there. This is a question that presupposes smith machines are OK for some things. I'm open-minded about smith machine questions, but I'd rather not clutter up this thread with "don't use smith machine posts", if you all don't mind.

    I am curious about the 7-degree angled versus the straight machines. In the gyms I've seen them in, I'd say they run about 50/50 in terms of which type they have. At least one manufacturer, Hoist, went to the angled and then back to the straight becuase they felt many folks would use them wrong. On Parabody's website they even have a demonstration video with a woman doing squats on it twice, facing one direction the first time and the other direction the second time! In the same video! Not very helpful.

    I've gathered that some think the angle makes the movement more natural than straight. Presses for instance, go from around the nipple area to above the clavicle. I'm less certain how this is helpful in a squat. I've searched high and low on the Internet and can't find an article dealing with this issue. For what it's worth, I feel more comfortable in a straight smith machine. That doesn't make them better or my experience "right", I realize, it's just the way I feel.

    Does anyone have any articles or helpful information that deal with the angle vs. straight issue? I'd very much appreciate an informative educational discussion in the style of PowerMan or Chris Mason on this one, folks. Thanks.

    *dons pink tights and ruffled socks and prances down to the basement to play on his smith machine*

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