Lately i have seen alot of information on the forums about bulking alot of it quite good, but there is little talk on dieting and what there is seems to follow diets designed for 110lbs women.

First off forget what you have read in and on the internet, magazines and seen with weight watchers about the normal diets these diets may show results in a loss of body weight, the major percentage muscle loss.

We are body builders and the muscle attained is precious and we must strive to keep it with a sound plan of action. Not some kitchen sink approach that will leave us resembling Brad Pitt.

For those who don't know what your consuming, make a change now! Im talking about knowing the fats, carbs and protein grams you are consuming on a daily basis, if you are one of those unaware visit this can be a real good starting point at knowing your foods. Otherwise read the labels on food, most tend to be reasonably helpful.

Usually when it comes to dieting the emergency signal swtiches on and a gung-ho approach is applied. E.g. Low carbs, copious amounts of cardio and protein and pointless shaping exercises.

Dont panic, if you do opt for this then muscle will be lost and it wont be a pretty site! Thus the outcome will be Hard Work Bulking=Waste of time come end of cutting cycle.

Next up the diet i'll keep this SAS, because it is believe it or not pretty simple.

Aim to shoot for a nutrition plan that incorporates roughly 1-1.4 grams of protein per pound of LEAN body mass, so for me Protein= 160-180 grams, carbs therefore will be between 350-400 grams, and fats at 30-40 grams. This should be spread out through the day at 6-7 meals for optimal effect, make you 99% of the time you are clean.

To work it out specifically for you i would reccomend using the calculator at this should proivde you with some tools, just have your height, weight etc.. on hand.

Cardio: Aim for 2/3 sessions comprising of 30 minute sessions per week of jogging, intervals, skipping, rowing etc...

Now your body should be at neutral and awaiting the signals to kickstart your fat burning furnace.

At this point your body weight hopefully should be stable, now whatever you do don't touch your food intake, apart from a couple of cheat meals per week, because if you are eating 6-7 meals a day, you can incorporate an odd cheat meal and keep within your targets.

What you must do is increase your energy output, and by maintaining your nutrients you will preserve the muscle mass which is rightfully yours. 1st Step increase your cardio to 6-7 dys per week instead of the original 2/3, this in part will kickstart your fat-loss quest. Aim to lose 2-4lbs per week weigh yourself once per week to monitor this.

When you reach a point in which you are losing less than 2lbs per week, make another change switch from 20/30 mins off cardio to 40-45 mins, your fat loss should now continue, remember you havent altered your diet yet, just kept adding a bit more cardio. Things must be done gradually in this game if you want respectable results.

Now when you plataeux once again (if you do) drop your carbs by 100 grams on non weight training days. Your carbs mustn't be dropped all at once, just small steps, to keep you dropping a high percentage of body fat.

If need be reduce your carbs by another 100 grams-200 grams to help your fat loss then do so, but by now you should be starting to achieve your shredded goal. Remember do it slowly so you can take time to cover your action plan.

Imagine that you are creating a peice of art, do you slab on all the paint in one go? no you do it a bit at a time and gradually create your desired goal, if you do that you will end up wasting all your hard work and effort bulking. think about it.

I hope you took time to read this diet approach and put in place the necessary pillars in your aims of ultimate fat-loss and muscle preservation. thank you and good luck