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Thread: About to begin cutting...

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    About to begin cutting...

    Alright guys, Im about a week away from my first official cutting cycle, and I need your advice. Ive made great gains in my first bulk thanks to this site, and Ill post some pics of my current physique before I cut it up. I am 156lbs, and my goal is to cut down to a lean 151lbs, with 7-8% bodyfat. Now, I have a few questions that require the expert advice of you fitness pros. My first question would be, what suppliments should i use during my cutting phase? Second, I am currently 5'8 156lbs and I currently do 45 minutes of uphill walking a day after lifting, what would you recommend as my daily caloric intake for cutting, and should I perhaps add more cardio in the mornings, or stick with my current plan? I look foward to all your input and I hope to preserve as much of my hard earned muscle as possible! Thanks alot, and best wishes.

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    Look at TCD's post. Sums it up all nicely for you. Good luck with the cut.


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