well noone here probably knows a damn thing what i'm talking about but i'll post it anyway since this is the only board i kick it at..

i achieved my goal of hitting 144db (decibals) with my current setup in the Montero...

Setup includes:
not-one-of-the-best amplifiers (Rockford bd500 putting out almost 700 watts)
Kicker L7 12" woofer (the square solobarics)
Pioneer DEG 6400mp face
AudioControl Epic-150
and my own custom designed box I finished yesturday

next on my list is:
dynamat the whole car (since i get it at cost it'll cost me about 100-150 to do it)
Arc Audio 1050watt amplifier (one of the best... 99% distortion-free signal)
and somewhere along the lines a 1 or 2 Farad Capacitor..

for comparison, 144 is not-so-often achieved by 2 woofers.. and achieving it with 1 is even a harder task.. a point-blank gunshot is aroudn 140db.

my ultimate goal is 147-148db with that single Kicker L7 12" woofer in my car.. if I <ever> achieve that I'll enter competitions and kick some ass.

So yeah.. thats my little accomplishment i felt like sharing with a bunch of people who probably have no idea what I'm talking about.

thank u for ur time.