Helllo friends,
I'm looking to build a small home gym since my local gym sucks hairy goat ass.

I'm not made of gold so I need to be relativly thrifty with my purchases.

The gear I'd like to buy:
bench (that inclines)
hanging leg raise unit + pull up piece

I know thats not a lot, but they gym will be something I'll add to now and then.

I figure the db's and bench to be the most important.

Now my questions.
My gym has magnet weights that obviously stick onto the DB's. Has anyone seen these for sale anywhere?
The gym has them in 2.5, 1.25 and .75lb increments
I use them enough that I'd like to buy a set.

Anyone have any comments on db's? they all seem similar but are there any that are better for any particular reason? I tend to like the ones with bigger handles and most of the "hex" ones have thin handles

Finally i'm into doing hanging leg raises, any good/bad units out there?
Thanks for any help.