Current Status:
Height- 5'8.5"
Weight- 146
Body Fat: Don't know yet.(Will get it measured)
Age- 14.

Goals before March(birthday month): Weight: 160
Six pack abs
Definition in arms, legs, pecs, back.

October 12th, 2002.

Diet:10 am- ( I think ) Lots of skinless chicken. Grapes. Stuffing.(low fat, and not much)

12 pm- 2 pieces wheat toast with peanut butter.

2 pm- can of tuna, low fat mayo on wheat bread.

4 pm-(hasn't happened yet) High protein snack.

6 pm- Dinner. Probably some pasta or something. I'll make sure I only eat the healthy stuff

7 pm- protein bar.

Workout-(Remember, i'm trying to cut, so i'm running a lot.)

2 miles at a 15 minute pace.
50 sprints of 40 yard dash.
3 sets of 20 pushups.
3 sets of 20 one-arm curls.
3 sets of 20 crunches.
3 sets of 20 reverse crunches.
3 sets of 25 box jumps.(Or wall jumps, whatever.)
20 minutes of gazelle freestyle at intense pace.

That's day one for ya. I'm surprised with all my running and cardio that i'm still awake to type this, give me your comments.