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    Giant Sets

    When should giant sets be used?? Are they just used when you stop gaining? do they kick start your muscles again??

    I tried the session below last night for shoulders and it was realy good. How often should you do them? Should i do it again next week or should you do once every now & then??

    Here is my Giant set shoulder routine:

    Military press on smith machine : x 8reps

    Immediatly Followed by

    Side lat raises : x 8reps

    Immediatly Followed by

    Rear bent over side raises: 8reps.

    I did the above 3 times, my shoulders pumped up realy well and i found it progressivly harder as i completed each giant set.

    i then did 1 x 8 set of shrugs immediatly followed by 1 x 8 set of upright rows. i did these 3 times too.

    Please advise. How often?? Is this routine any good?? etc

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