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    While training my triceps tonight I realized I have pain when performing skull crushers and seated french press. The pain is only when I strain the muscle. I've kinda always had it, but not as bad as tonight. It was a very sharp pain. Anyone have any suggestions on what it could be?? I don't think tore it, but I'm no doc. Any insight greatly appreciated.

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    You didn't say where the pain was, but it sounds like you mean in the muscle itself. Rest it up a while and it should be fine. Give it two weeks off, then train slowly and see if the pain is gone. If it's lessened but still there, give it another week. Eventually it will heal.

    If it's not in the muscle, but somewhere near the elbow joint and it could be a tear or something and it doesn't get better pretty quick, see a doc. Always the best route.

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