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    Back Day

    November 1, 2002

    Back today. Down failure road!

    Red indicates working set.
    *=improvement over previous workout day.

    Lat Pulldown:
    1x20@60, 1x10@60
    Comments: I did these as a warmup for pullup.

    Comments: I just can't get into these. I never feel it like the pull downs or rows. I think it's because I'm too heavy and I can't get the correct form to feel it in my back. I'm going to leave these for the end of the month. I'll stick with Pulldowns.

    Nautilus Ab Machine:
    2x10@120, (1x15@120, 1x10@90)
    Comments: These felt good. Got some really good contractions going.

    H.s. Behind the Neck Pulldown:
    5x10@160, (1x10@160, 1x8@130, 1x10@110)
    Comments: Man that was rough. Yes I know, lots of sets. Still felt good though. I might go up 10lbs instead of 5 next time.

    Panatta Lower Ab Machine:
    2x8@40, 1x10@40
    Comments: Did these really slow and the last rep of each set was a hold near bottom portion of rep.

    High Angle Seated Cable Row:
    4x10@110, (1x7@135, 1x4@110, 1x10@85)
    Comments: I got really good squeezes out of every rep and held for at least 2 secs. My back hurt so good. My form kicked ass!

    DB Side Bends:
    Comments: Tried to get a better squeeze on these. I think I accomplished that.

    DB Shrugs:
    Comments: Super slow. Traps were dying at the end.

    H.S. Low Row:
    1x8@130, (1x7@130, 1x5@110, 1x5@90)
    Comments: I used this as a finishing move for traps and rear delts. My back was toast after this.

    Final Thoughts

    Awesome workout. I know my back is gonna be aching tomorrow. I think from now on, at the end of the month I'm gonna do the "failure" routines. It'll give me an idea of how much I'm improving or not. This will also give my muscles a shock. I can say that this weekend I will know pain! Next week is all new weights for about 90% of my exercises. Some will go up by 20lbs and some by 5. I'll make the decision when I go in. I can feel myself progressing. I'm getting excited!

    On a side note, I hope to drop some exercises from my routines. I eventually hope to be doing fewer sets by then time I want to cut in March-April. I know everyone here believes in fewer sets with more weight, but I just can't see myself jumping into that right away. I'm in no hurry to get results so I'm gonna slide into it little by little. More weight here and there, less reps, less sets, less exercises. I'll get there eventually.
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    dude, DEADLIFTS ARE THE KINGS OF OWNAGE ON BACK WORKOUTS, you really need to have a deadlift like workout..
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