Damn I seriously cannot believe this ****..

Last night I was driving my car (which I have not had too long as most of you know) and I lost my cash card..

Anyway my gf was asking stupid questions like "Where did you last see it ?" and "Where did you put it last?".. lol, I mean if I new that I would just go get it from where I put it last lol..

Anyway so we argued and I agreed to drop her home.. I pulled up at her house and she was getting her back ad stuff together.. I noticed about 5 or 6m yards in front of me her housemate was putting her sterring lock on her car..

Then I just heard a massive bang and my car moved forwards about 2 metres ! I looked outta my drivers side window and theres was LOADS of smoke and a car was diagnales in the road and was ploughed into the car i front of me..

My area is kind of notorious for Joy riding so my instant response (after allowing the winding to go away lol) was to jump outta the car and see if I could catch some 14 yr old about to run off lol..

But the person stayed in the car which I thought was wierd... I opened the door and there was like this 30 yr old asian guy in there looking a bit shocked..

I also checked the flatmate who was still in her car and although well shocked she seemed ok so I asked the guy what the hell happened who was out of his car by now..

He only had an asthma attack whilst driving and blacked out !!!!!!!!!

So my Beemer is now undriveworthy (Bent up rear alloy wheel, blown tire and bsically a huge scrap mark down the driverside of the car...)

So I am ringing up lame ass insurance companies today