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    I've been lifting almost a year now, but my shoulders haven't been improving much as my other muscles. my biceps and triceps are getting bigger, but my shoulders are flat!!! it looks funny

    anybody have a good shoulder routine? i've used maxot for it, but my shoulders don't respond well to it for some reason. i could only military press 125x6!

    also, is there anythng besides roids that'll broaden my shoulders (the bones)? just curious
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    There is no way to appreciably widen the bones in your body once the growth plates have fused. I suggest that you try a pre-exhaustion routine of side laterals supersetted with behind the neck presses. Warmup first, then perform this superset for 2-3 cycles.

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    Try a shoulder specialization routine for 3-4 weeks.Twice a week, pick one overhead pressing movement(push presses,militaries,behind-neck presses,etc.) and after warming up use a 6x6 format using the same weight for all 6 sets.Once you can get every rep with the same weight, add weight and repeat.My training partner and I have used this program twice in the past 8 months with great success.Give this program a try.If you do, eliminate or reduce your chest and tricep work by atleast 50% or you will overtrain your pushing muscles.

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    Hey dude try adding some lateral excersises in that routine , without laterals you wont realise your full potential of your delts...

    Keep training ....



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