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Thread: One Minute High Intensity Cardio Post Weight Workout

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    One Minute High Intensity Cardio Post Weight Workout

    I've just started doing HST, full body three times a week. I start with legs, then chest, then back....etc. When I finish my full body workout I like to consume a shake to get the nutrients to the muscles asap. I read several places that the body is "primed" for nutrient absorption immediately after training. By the time I finish the workout, the legs are not that pumped, and blood flow is more pronouned in the most recently worked muscle. In an effort to get the blood going throughout all the muscles, I have taken to doing a 1 minute all out, high resistance eliptitrainer(one with handles so I can get th upper body into it). In hopes that this provides all the trained muscles their equal nutrient absorbing opportunity.

    Do you all think this is a sound practice? or am I mad?
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    I don't think it really matters, personally.
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    I dont no but i thnk it does not matter if you are pumped or not its the fact that you put the work in.
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