I saw this posted online and it looks like an interesting program, based on the intensity (percentages) it would obviously require you to use a somewhat conservative 'training max'. It could also be good for someone who maybe took a bit of a layoff and is looking to step up the intensity and revive their deadlift due to the high volume and intensity.


Week 1: 5x8 70%
Week 2: 5x8 73%
Week 3: 5x8 76%
Week 4: 5x8 78%
Week 5: 5x5 82%
Week 6: 5x5 84%
Week 7: 5x5 86%
Week 8: 5x5 87%
Week 9: 5x3 92%
Week 10: 5x3 94%
Week 11: 5x3 96%
Week 12: 5x3 98%

Has anyone tried this? I personally do not do well with weekly deadlifting but may look at using some of the percentages for other lifts, perhaps knocking weeks 10-12 down to singles or doubles.