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Thread: Push/Pull/Legs OR Chest+Back/Legs/Shoulders+Arms?

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    Push/Pull/Legs OR Chest+Back/Legs/Shoulders+Arms?

    I am considering changing my split routine as well as reducing the # of exercises that I do per muscle group. I currently have a four day split: Chest+Front Shoulders / Back+Shoulders+Traps / Arms / Legs and typically do 4-5 exercises per muscle group (Traps and Shoulders would count as one muscle group here divided over two days). Which three day split is better - P/P/L or C+B/L/S+A - if a three day split would be better at all? Thanks for any and all advice...

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    Either is fine, figure out which one you're more comfortable with.
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    push pull legs gets my vote, but actually I'd just do what I feel more often. Listen to your body. if you're hyped up to train your legs, do your legs. If your dreading doing your back on a particular day, do it the next day, do whatever you're feeling. You'll be able to throw yourself into it more.

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