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Thread: Diagnosis on my friend and I

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    Diagnosis on my friend and I

    First of all thanks for all the replies to my other posts. Now I've taken it all into account and was wondering on what you guy's might recommend when you see stats.

    162 lbs
    Bench - 150 X 8
    Biceps 85 X 12
    Deadlift 240 X 10
    Squat 225 X 8 - 12

    My friend here is
    130 lbs
    Bench - 95 X 10
    Biceps 50 X 8
    Deadlift - Unknown
    Squat - Unknown

    He is in great need for mass. He has literally tried everything. I mean seriously he is a **** machine. He eats and guaranteed 15 minutes later it's gone. I used to be fat ... Yea ... but I wanna gain weight just not fat. But I eat food all the time and don't put on any weight. I'm strong for my size but I wanna be bigger and I don't want to accept the fact that genetics suck. So if you could give me anything at all it would be GREATLY appreciated. For my friend as well. Again, Thx for your prior replies I'll take all this information and put it to good use.
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