Hi @ All,

sorry that I was not here for a long time !!!

I have a question!

My first contest is at Nov, 3th .....my second contest is at Nov, 9th.......and if I´m good enough(I hope so) I start at the Nationals at Nov, 16th!!

My diet is ketogenic.....and Im 100% natural

The last weekend I noticed that I´m too fat....I think I have to lose about 5 to 8 pounds to be in topshape. I don´t know it exactly....it´s my goal to get as ripped as possible.....I know its a lot, because I have less time.....but I also know that I can reach this!!
The last 8 weeks I was on 1800 calories.....since Monday I eat 1300 calories...most is protein, which works well for me!!!

Are 1300 calories too less ? I don´t want to lose muscles

I train heavy duty style......three times a week about half an hour.....my aerobis are five times a week for 30 minutes. And I do a lot of posing too to get hard (its very intense aerobics!)!!

What else can I do to lose the rest of my fat??What about IV-Training? What are your opinions ???

I hope you can help me !!!