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Thread: Specific Goal, but am I doing enough..

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    Specific Goal, but am I doing enough..

    hey guys, this board has always been a great resource for me when from time to time I have a question.

    I recently found out that I have been accepted for a job and have to pass a basic physical at the end of Febuary. The only part of the physical that I'm worried about is the strength test. I have to be able to do one basic rep of my body weight on a bench.

    I'm about 6'0, 170 lbs.. and can max out right now at like 135-140 for one rep. So, exactly two weeks ago I started to hit the gym with the basic WBB 1 routine. I feel great and am totally focusing on progression. Three day split centered around squats, deads and bench. Eating as much as I can, all clean, and getting plenty of rest.

    Since my goal isn't to put on huge mass, but instead just to get this damn weight up over my head, would you recommend something different? Should I be entirely focusing on chest a few times a week? Or do you think a balanced routine is still the best way to go about adding thirty pounds to my bench in three months.

    Basically my question is do you think this is a possible goal (1 rep of my weight) for this timeframe and am I going about it the best way -
    Thanks guys,

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    If all you're worried about is your bench press weight... check out the thread in this forum called "bench program". I posted a workout in there that will give you great gains. And if you have until February you can probably run through the program twice. It should get your bench up the necessary 35 pounds. If you have any questions, PM me.

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