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Thread: article on mixed deadlift grip

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    article on mixed deadlift grip

    unequal lat development arguements aside - is this a valid point ?

    Deadlift Grip
    I'm writing this article to you guys and gals to inform you I've rediscovered
    something that I once knew about the deadlift grip. I read an article years
    about this subject in one of the very first issues of Powerlifting USA. I
    was told about this grip thing by Ricky Dale Cain or maybe it was Jim Cash.
    I'm sure you guys know who they are, both were and still are World Champion

    What I'm talking about is the reverse (alternate) grip one uses in the
    deadlift to
    hang on to the bar palm facing forward and the other palm facing

    Note: This discussion pertains to both Sumo and conventional styles of
    and it also is used in Keystone Deadlift (lockouts starting from just below
    the knee
    with the butt and chest stuck out), shrugs, and stiff-leg deadlifts.

    You guys may or may not know this but one has a tendency to slightly twist
    toward the side that has the palm which faces backward. Through time, by
    repetitive training sessions, using the same grip (i.e., by one hand's palm
    always facing backward and the other hand's palm always facing forward)
    your deadlift muscles develop unequally. This causes a slight twist to
    when one is lifting because of this unequal strength development and this
    is what I think has been causing some of my recent back pain to develop. I
    about 8 months ago that I was starting to develop a slight twist when
    squatting, which
    probably developed because my primary movers, in the deadlift, had this
    development. We all know the primary movers in the deadlift are also used
    in the squat, to a slightly different degree, but nonetheless they are used.

    I also started to notice I was tilted to one side slightly when I walked.
    This tilting was causing me some chronic back discomfort all the time.
    What's the solution you say? It's simple, train the deadlift with equal time
    gripping one way then equal time gripping the other way.

    I've just now begun (with my last two deadlift workouts) to grip the opposite
    way from my old normal grip and I've noticed a great improvement in my
    I'm not twisting as much when I squat either and my chronic back pain lately
    subsided some.
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