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Thread: Most Muscular - Progress Pic for the last 3.5 months

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    Most Muscular - Progress Pic for the last 3.5 months

    Here is a progress pic - before and after for the last 3.5 month in a Most Muscular type pose.

    I'm 5'9"

    1st pic - I weighed 180lbs - 32.5inch waist

    2 months later
    2nd Pic - I weighed 192lbs - 34inch waist or so. Not really all fat though, my lower back and abs got bigger

    Just under 2 months later - Today
    3rd pic - I weighed 192-194lbs - 32.75inch waist

    This is just a sneak preview, in 2 weeks time I'll do a proper before and after progress series of pics of relaxed and various poses

    Hopefully there will be a more dramatic difference
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