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Thread: chest question

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    chest question

    i was looking for some advise for building the inner part and upper part of the chest. i have noticed pretty good results on my lower and outer parts of my chest but the middle still seems small. i didn't know if there are certain chest excersises that focus more on the center and upper parts. thanks for the help......

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    Re: chest question

    Originally posted by MEMPHIS
    i i have noticed pretty good results on my lower and outer parts of my chest but the middle still seems small.
    I've heard estrogen therapy can help with that.
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    You can not 'target' the inner or upper portion of your chest. They'll grow along with the rest of it.

    If you want a big chest, you need to have a big everything, and you need to work on getting a big press, either db or barbell, whatever.

    Unless you are 220+ pounds at under 10% bf, I doubt you have any inner or upper anything you need to worry about.
    Squats work better than supplements.
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    Paul you can develop the inner chest it depends on the movement, sure the outter will grow too.

    point is you can grow the outter chest without growing the inner, if you dont have a good enough range of movement.

    use dumbells instead of the bench press and focus on the range of movement

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