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Thread: Grip strength

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    I agree totally Pete.

    A belt hasn't ever stopped someone from getting injured.

    If you noticed a lessening of back pain, EA, then it was because you didn't know how to keep tight before getting the belt.

    Its never been an issue for me personally.
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    As far as why do corporations like walmart use weight belts, there just covering there asses. Do you want to take weight lifting advice from walmart? Back and eye injury are the two biggest claims for workmens comp. I don't have the link but an article I read could find no significant reduction in injury with a wieght belt. They said they don't hurt either. OSHA does not require a weight belt.
    I started about 2 months ago using them on heavy lifts. I was DL before without them.
    As far as straps go I wish I was strong enough to need them, and glad I don't need them for DL 250.

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    Lifting heavy+chalk= ace grip.

    That is all.
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    As far as straps are concerned, I never said that they made the exercise safer (I'm not sure where you get that from) A belt does make the exercise safer, by providing support. It will not STOP you from getting injured. Again I never said that. I said it is safer to use a belt. If you feel you don't need one fine. But to say a belt does absolutely nothing can not be proven. I am not aware of any studies proving that a belt does nothing. On the other hand I am not aware of any studies proving that a belt is safer. However there is a wealth of ancedotal evidence pointing in that direction. In the end, it comes down to opinion. You have a different opinion than I do. Let's leave it at that. Peace.


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