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Thread: Decent Arms

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    Decent Arms

    I've been lifting for about a year and a half now. I'm 18, 6'1" and 165. Its easy to see that I'm not big to begin with, but I need to get my arms bigger. They are pitiful and it seems like no matter what I try, they won't grow. Do you guys have any good pointers or routines that will help my arms? Thanks..

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    Who have the biggest arms? Generally, the people who weigh the most....start eating, A TON OF FOOD....think carbs.
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    To put some serious mass on your arms you will need to gain weight everyware else as well. Can you post your routine and diet? That can help us help you. Chris Masons arm routine may be good for you, you can find it under the training articles. Also Welcome to the board!
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    dont worry about it, your not big in the first place. if you keep thinking about your arms you will become a curl jockey.

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    is the rest of your body growing ? if not, then don't expect your arms to be growing. if you are making gains then your caloric intake is enough and the problem lies in your training and/or rest/recovery

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    At 165, I'd be focused on making everything grow. Your arms will come along.
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