My first post here although I've been lurking for a couple weeks. I've decided to change things around for myself and stop living in shame of my body. I'm 21 years old, heading into my senior (sophomore/junior really tho with transfers) year in college. Here is the pathetic stat line:

5 feet, 9.5 inches tall
141 lbs as of an hour ago

Yes, you can imagine...downright scrawny. I don't feel ashamed saying it in here really, I'm sure you guys would rather help than criticize. I'm small-boned if there is such a word...shoulders aren't broad, very small wrists, long neck, etc. Typical ectomorph I guess. This is going to be a hell of a battle for me.

Starting my diet and workout tomorrow (I'll be working out at the local YMCA at 6:00AM to try and avoid the rush). I'll be eating about 2500 calories daily, upping that as I gain weight...about 250-260g protein, 175-185g carbs, 80 or so g fat. (mostly from Udo's) I'll be using creatine and glutamine and trying to down about a gallon of water a day.

Here's the workout plan I intend on using..please criticize it but keep in mind what I am working with here. I've never trained with weights before, so I'm sure my strength is going to be ridiculous. I'll be working out 3 times a week..

Flat bench press(4 sets, 1 burnout set)
Incline dumbell flyes (1 superset)
Shoulder Press (4 sets, 1 burnout set)
Side raises (1 superset)
Shrugs (4 sets to failure, 1 burnout set)
Bar dips (4 sets to failure)
Tricep pushdowns (1 superset)

Squats (4 sets, 1 burnout)
Leg Extensions (1 superset)
Stiff-legged deadlifts (4 sets, 1 burnout)
Hamstring curl (1 superset)
Calve raises (strip sets to failure)

Wide grip pull-ups (4 sets to failure)
One arm rows (4 sets, 1 burnout)
Lat-bar pulldown (1 superset)
Dumbell curls (4 sets to failure)
Reverse curls (multiple supersets)

(This routine may look familar to some people .. yes I was a sucker about a year ago). Anyway, when I say a burnout set, I'm referring to a set with much lighter weights than my last work set to completely fatigue the muscles. When I say superset I refer to taking no break between it and the last set of the last exercise.

I'll be increasing the weight with each work set, and going with a 8/6/4/2 rep pattern if I can. I think that's about it .. I'll update every workout day starting tomorrow.

Thanks in advance..