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Thread: What's wrong with my arms?

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    Wannabebig New Member
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    What's wrong with my arms (and elbows)?

    Apparently, I haven't been able to stretch my arms out the entire way for about three years, and I am not sure what to do. I have seen a couple of doctors, and they say that there isn't anything I can do.

    This isn't from a lifting injury or anything, and I actually can't exactly explain how this happened. There actually isn't any pain when I someone pulls on my arm or I use my hand to touch my shoulder.

    Has anyone seen a problem like this before? Suggestions on how to make my elbows a bit more flexible? I would like to start lifting, but don't want to cause long-term damage down the road.

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    You're not that far from a full extension. Unless you're got a weird set of joints, I would say to stretch liek crazy..but I'm no doc. Can they not even tell you WHY it's like that?

    As far as lifting..why not? If it didn't hurt, I'd do it. It may even help down the road a bit.

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    If you do lift, which you should, just make sure that you do a lot of stretching before and after your workout. especially after while your muscles are warm. If it doesn't hurt to stretch them, then do so. It should help you out a lot.

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    Thanks for the thoughts, guys. I think I will start lifting but, like you guys said, I will make sure that I stretch and am warmed up.

    What stretches would you guys recommend for me? I'll do some more research and see what kind of stretches would help.

    mrelwooddowd: The doctors were a bit baffled when they saw my arms.

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    That's baffling.
    Did you look into massage therapists or ART (Artive Release Therapy) yet?
    Let us know how it goes.


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